Economic Impact of Highway 23 Expansion

Many people are excited about the future of Highway 23
between Fond du Lac and Sheboygan counties – after the approval of a
Limited Scope Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement and Record of
Decision this week. Cecilia Harry from Envision Greater Fond du Lac says the
project has just cleared a huge hurdle on the way to becoming reality. 

She explains “that formal study, which is critical to the success of any project
like this, is recommending the four lane expansion between Fond
du Lac
and Sheboygan
counties. So it’s excellent news. They are very confident they were able to
address the concerns that were brought up in a lawsuit that halted progress not
too long ago.”

Harry also tells us the expansion would make a huge impact on the
economies on both ends of the road. 

She says “in terms of how important
infrastructure is to connect commerce across communities and across regions –
so that highway is a critical infrastructure piece from a transportation
perspective. And it affects goods moving back and forth but also people moving
back and forth. So it has to do with supply chain, and it also has to do with
employment and where folks are willing to go for work.”

Harry adds that “this east-west road connecting us to the Sheboygan area is critical to a lot of businesses that way, and when you don’t have an infrastructure that supports commerce and people moving back and forth, it’s really going to negatively impact businesses decisions to continue to grow in that area.”

The plan would expand Highway 23 to a four-lane divided highway. It’s expected to begin construction in Sheboygan County next summer and be finished in Fond du Lac in 2022.