Election Officials Gearing Up for Massive Voter Turnout

We are still over a month away from Election Day, but people are already fired up over the decisions they have to make on the ballot. County Clerk Lisa Freiberg is gearing up for a massive turnout for some major races.

 Freiberg tells us “a lot of people are saying clerks should prepare for 100-percent turnout of registered voters. I didn’t go quite that high, but I will be monitoring the situation as time goes on. We also print ballots in house, so that is another option. We will have everything ready to go if we have to start up the printer on Election Day.”

She adds that “right now, people are saying – and just watching news stories and
definitely myself as a county clerk and I’m sure all 71 of the other county
clerks are very closely monitoring what we are going to be anticipating for
voter turnout on November 6th and prior to.”

Absentee ballots are already available through your municipal clerks. Those ballots must be turned in by the end of Election Day on November 6thAmong the races on the ballot are the contests for Governor, US Senator, US Representative, and Attorney General.