Elimination Of Federal Block Grant Program Would Hurt Efforts In FDL

Fond du Lac Community Development Director Dyann Benson says the elimination of the Federal Community Development Block Grant program could hurt some programs in Fond du Lac. She says since 2004 the City has automatically received just shy of $500,000 a year in block grant funding. She says altogether 20 communities across the state have automatically gotten the funding each year. She says Fond du Lac has used the funding for a housing rehabilitation loan program and to help out non-profits like the Solutions Center and Salvation Army which provided temporary shelter for the homeless. She says the clean up of the former Pinky’s gas station at the corner of Forest and Military wouldn’t have been possible without block grant funds. Benson says the CDBG funding is targeted for elimination in 2018, but those who benefit from it are fighting to retain at least a portion of the funding. Fond du Lac receives from $450,000 to $475,000 a year in Federal block grant funds.