Elliot Targeted By Special Interest In State Senate Race

State Senate candidate Mark Elliot says special interest money is already being spent trying to sink his campaign in the primary election. The small businessman and former pastor from Oshkosh says the Wisconsin Freedom Alliance is backed by dark money. He says they bought $175,000 worth of advertising against him claiming he wants to raise taxes. He says he doesn’t want to raise taxes. He feels he is being targeted because he might have a better chance of winning an election against Democratic frontrunner Mark Harris for the 18th State Senate seat. He says what he is interested in doing is closing a skill gap so employers can get the employees they need. He says he’s also interested in the welfare of seniors and veterans. Elliot opposes Fond du Lac County Republican Party chairperson Dan Feyen is the August 9th primary. The winner will face either Mark Harris or John Lemberger the winner of the Democratic primary. (Mark Elliot Facebook photo)