Elmhdati Sentenced To 9 Years Prison, 9 Years Supervision

The man accused of shooting another man in the leg, while the victim’s daughter watched, was sentenced to 9 years in prison on Friday. Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric J. Toney making the announcement early Friday evening that Judge Robert Wirtz sentenced Mohamed G. Elmhdati to 9 years of initial prison confinement and 9 years of extended supervision. 

The sentence is a result of the February 26, 2019 shooting which took place in the City of Fond du Lac. The victim was shot in the leg while his elementary-aged daughter stood next to him outside Trump’s Liquor, near the intersection of Division St. and Lincoln Ave. Elmhdati was convicted on January 29, 2020, following a 3 day jury trial, of First Degree Reckless injury with a dangerous weapon, Aggravated Battery with Dangerous Weapon, First Degree Reckless Endangering Safety with dangerous weapon, pointing a firearm at another, Second Degree Reckless Endangering Safety, and Discharging a firearm within 100 yards of a building.


District Attorney Toney stated “The District Attorney’s Office takes gun violence seriously and we will it will never tolerated in our community. I hope this sentence by Judge Wirtz acts as a deterrent to others that may wish to illegally and violently use firearms in our community by showing them what happens when justice is served.”


Elmhdati had no prior criminal record at the time of the sentencing and was acquitted of Attempted homicide and armed robbery charges. District Attorney Toney stated “The jury’s split verdicts appear to reflect that they believed Elmhdati intentionally shot the victim but did not intend to kill him and that Elmhdati was attempting to reclaim his own property, therefore an armed robbery was not committed.”