Emergency Management Discusses CodeRED System

The CodeRED emergency notification system being implemented here in Fond du Lac County is a nationwide service allowing for immediate information about emergencies and evacuations. 

Emergency Management Director Bobbi Hicken says during an emergency, “everyone whose address falls within that affected area and has signed up for CodeRED will receive the emergency notification. What that will be is directions on what to do and what the situation is.”

Hicken also tells us there is a free app connected to the system that will help whether you’re at home or at Disneyland. She says “if they had an emergency going on and you were in that identified area, you would receive that notification. Which is wonderful for the ability to know what’s going on not only at your home, but also where you are at that time. Where your family is.”

Hicken adds that “the more people we can notify in these emergencies the better everyone
is going to be. I strongly encourage everyone – including you – to get onto the
website and sign up.”

The service is free. It requires personal information like your address, which Hicken says is simply stored in a database to keep a list of who is located where.