Emergency Management Handles Dozens of Weather-Related Calls

A few large storm cells slowly washed over the Fond du Lac area Friday night – causing a few issues for citizens and the crews in charge of cleaning things up. Some roads were closed due to flooding, but others were blocked off by other issues like fallen trees. 

Fond du Lac County Director of Emergency Management Bobbi Hicken says Friday night was a busy one in dispatch, and that “we did have a lot of weather related calls during that time. From 5:00pm until 7:30pm that evening we took over 34 weather-related calls. We did have a house that was struck by lightning in the City of Fond du Lac and several power lines down and trees down throughout largely the City of Fond du Lac but also a few in the county.”

Large chunks of hail were also reported – some pictures can be found on the KFIZ Facebook page. Hicken also reminds people to stay inside during severe thunderstorms due to the danger of lightning strikes and falling hail.