Emergency Responders Rescue Injured Bow Hunter Early Thursday Morning

A hunter was rescued Thursday morning by a team of
emergency responders after suffering a life-threatening injury to his arm.

Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Deputies along with Oakfield
Fire and First Responders, a DNR Warden and Lifestar Ambulance were called to
DNR-owned public hunting land south of Oakfield around 5:40 Thursday morning. A
39-year-old man from Brownsville was bow hunting and called 9-1-1 after
tripping and falling on an arrow, suffering a deep cut to his upper arm. The
hunter told dispatchers he was able to apply a makeshift tourniquet to his arm
that slowed the bleeding.

Using GPS coordinates, emergency personnel used a UTV and
a pickup truck to navigate as far as they could into the property, then walked
the rest of the way to access the hunter’s location. Deputy Lucas Olson applied
a tourniquet to the hunter’s injury, and the man was then transported in the
back of a pickup truck back to the DNR parking lot and then transported to St.
Agnes Hospital.

The Sheriff’s Office said in a news release that the
public hunting land was the site of a joint training exercise earlier this year
with the same agencies that responded today, along with others from the area.
In the training, first responders used GPS coordinates provided by the
communications center to navigate the grounds. The release says the training
exercise “became a reality this morning”  and helped save the life of the hunter.