Employee at Mercury Marine Potentially Exposed to COVID-19, Company Working to Keep Employees Safe

One of the two people from Fond du Lac County that tested positive for the corona virus, is an employee at Mercury Marine. Merc officials were informed Wednesday evening that one of their employees had been in close proximity to someone who had it or had been exposed to COVID-19. 

According to Lee Gordon, Director of Communications and Public Relations for Brunswick Marine, their top priority is protecting the safety and health of Mercury employees. The employee who had the potential exposure is not at work and has sought medical attention. That’s all that is known at this point, and the official results of the test were not yet known.

Gordon went on to say that Mercury has implemented measures over the past few weeks in preparation of a potential outbreak affecting the work environment. At this point, some employees are working from home, continuing to disinfect appropriate areas, and as important, they are asking employees who are not feeling well to stay home and seek appropriate medical attention.  Gordon also said there has been no disruption to operations, and manufacturing facilities continue to run at full production.