Envision Greater Fond du Lac Pushes Local Hiring Website

People around our area are searching for jobs, and businesses are looking for employees. But the two sides do not always find each other easily. That’s where FDLWorks.com comes in. 

Sarah Dowidat from Envision Greater Fond du Lac tells us the website is helping with the employment matchmaking. According to their numbers, Dowidat says “during the first half of the year, so January to June 2018 – over 15,000 people have visited FDL Works.com. And that’s just absolutely incredible. And you can’t go anywhere in town without seeing a now hiring sign or help wanted.”

Dowidat adds that “chamber members get to post jobs for free on this
website. And it really is a great benefit for them to recruit talent. We have a
lot of resources in the community and Wisconsin as a whole that are driving
people to this website to really help us get the best talent possible.”

She also tells us there is plenty of opportunity for job-seekers with “over 600 jobs on there right now that are all
local within the greater Fond du Lac
area. You know, servers in restaurants, clerical work, all different