Eric Everson Runs For Relection To FDL School Board

Eric Everson is seeking a fourth term on the Fond du Lac School Board next month. He says he’s seen a lot of positives in the school district during his time on the board. Everson says Common Core is an improvement over the Wisconsin-based standards, but it is by no means perfect. He says he is open to a different form of criteria for proficiency standards. He says the data tracking of students during his time on the board now allows educators to track where individual students need to improve. Everson does not feel the current school board is complacent. He says the district is poised to handle any challenges that come up. He says he sticks by his campaign slogan from three years ago, “Great Schools can be affordable.” He says the school district over those three years has seen little or no tax increase and in fact had a decrease last year. Everson is one of three candidates running for two spots on the school board.