Ethics Board Makes Quick Work Of Complaint Filed Against Mullen

As KFIZ was first to tell you last week, a potential Ethics Complaint was to have been filed against Fond du Lac City Councilman Patrick Mullen. The Ethics Board met in closed session Tuesday afternoon and dismissed the complaint, which was filed by Josh Wilsmann.

The bulk of the complaint centered around the potential conflict of interest Mullen might have with his involvement in the lawsuit that was filed against the city last year regarding the Lakeside Park project prior to his being sworn in as council member.

In an opinion delivered to Mullen by City Attorney Deborah Hoffmann, it was stated that Hoffmann did not feel there was any conflict of interest.

KFIZ News reached out to Mr. Mullen late Tuesday evening for comment, whol told us “I’ll limit my comments to thanking the ethics board for their swift resolution of this matter. Mr. Mullen did provide KFIZ with the “No Probable Cause” Finding released by the City Attorney’s office.

We also reached out for comment from Attorney Hoffmann, as we had requested an update on the ethics complaint, and was told in an email sent to KFIZ News Monday morning that “I can share that our office checked with the FDL County Clerk of Court and they never received Wilsmann’s Complaint. Neither did the City Clerk.”

It would appear from the statement that the complaint was filed directly with Attorney Hoffmann’s office.

You can find the No Probable Cause finding here: