Ethics Board To Meet Friday(2/5) With Decision Made Within 5 Days

The City of Fond du Lac Ethics Board is set to convene Friday at 8:30 a.m. for a hearing regarding City Council member Ben Giles and the allegations that he violated three sections of Fond du Lac’s ethics codes: dedicated service, fair and equal treatment and conflict of interest. The hearing is in the City County Government Building and is open to the public, although masks will be mandatory.

The Ethics Board generally meets about one time per year. Since September of 2020, the Ethics Board has met no less than 5 times.

If the allegations are proven, the penalty handed down would be no less than $100, and not any more than $1,000 per each offense. The board also plans to file their decision in writing within five days, and could recommend either censure or other disciplinary action to the City Council. And while they can recommend to City Council, the board does not have the proper authority to remove city officials for ethics violations. 

Giles has been a vocal supporter of the Alternative Master Plan, which would include adding a multi-purpose building with a restaurant housed within, to the lighthouse peninsula in Lakeside Park. The plan has been met with a strong measure of opposition. An injunction hearing regarding parts of the plan is set to get underway at 10 a.m. Friday as well.