Eve Nance Murder Case Profiled On Snapped

A Fond du Lac murder case was recently featured on the Oxygen Network’s program “Snapped.” The program featuring the Eve Nance case aired on the network on August 6th. It recalled the shooting death of Tim Nance in November of 2013. Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney says his office was asked to participate in the interviews for the program, but they declined because the case has been appealed and post-conviction motions could still be filed. Former District Attorney Dan Kaminsky did agree to be interviewed. He says he was asked because they needed somebody to answer legal questions and to give them some context. He was interviewed last year in a make-shift studio on the top floor of the Holiday Inn Express in Fond du Lac. He says it was fun because he got to bring his daughter along. He says he sat in front of the “Green Screen” and got to see a little bit about how they tape those shows. Friends of the couple, a former detective, and reporter were also interviewed for the program. It can be watched on Charter or Spectrum’s “On Demand.” The episode can also be watched online at Oxygen’s website.

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