Evening Accident In FDL Results In Damaged Kwik Trip, Arrest

Fond du Lac Police were called out Saturday night for reports of a Kwik Trip in the 400 block of S. Main St. receiving damage as a result of a vehicle hitting the building. Officers arrived just before 9:25 p.m. to the Kwik Trip located at 456 S. Main St., where a Buick LeSabre ran into the west side of the building, and then took off. Police were able to follow the trail of leaking fluid, to where the suspects had fled, near 13th and Greenwood, with officers taking a 26-year old male and a 31-year old male into custody. An initial search has turned up a magazine of ammo for a handgun, and it was thought one of the men was armed, but no further details were given as of this morning. The investigation is on-going.