Evers Announces Proposal to Reform State’s Marijuana Laws

Governor Evers announced today (Monday) that his budget will
include proposals to reform Wisconsin’s marijuana laws. Evers announced in a
news conference this morning the proposals, which include legalizing medical
marijuana, aligning Wisconsin’s laws on CBD oil with federal laws, and decriminalizing
possession, manufacturing or distribution of marijuana amounts less than 25
grams. The governor also wants to establish an expungement procedure for people
convicted of possessing, manufacturing or selling less than 25 grams of pot who
have completed their sentence or probation.

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos released a statement
in which he says Evers’ proposals “appear to go too far” by making access to
recreational marijuana easier, and providing a pathway to full legalization,
which Vos doesn’t support. Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce president Kurt
Bauer echoed concerns about the proposals – saying that Evers’ stance on
decriminalization puts the state at odds with federal law and will make the
workplace unsafe.