Evers Calls for Special Legislative Session on Gun Violence

Governor Tony Evers signed an Executive Order on Monday
calling for a special session of the legislature to address gun violence. The
special session would convene on November 7th. The Governor is asking
the Legislature to act on two proposals, one which would require universal
background checks for all firearm purchases in Wisconsin. The other would
create an extreme risk protection order process that will give family members
and law enforcement the ability to intervene when an individual is at risk of
harming themselves or others. The Governor said in a statement that he has “called
on the Legislature to take action and pass common sense gun safety reform time
and time again,” and that he is calling on “Republicans to work with Democrats
to get this done.” Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald voiced his
opposition to the gun violence proposals in a statement, saying “The Senate
will not be part of a drawn-out strategy to infringe on constitutional rights.”