Evers Runs For Third Term As DPI Chief

The head of Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction is running for a third term as State Superintendent of Public Schools. Tony Evers has two opponents, but he says experience and agendas set them apart. He says one opponent doesn’t believe our public schools need more resources. Evers says he is glad the Governor has proposed an additional $649 million for K-12 funding in the state budget. Evers says the Governor has adopted many of the measures Evers had in his own budget. He says they are on the right trajectory. He says it is important to make sure investments are being made in mental health issues and making sure rural schools are getting the same opportunities. Evers also believes Common Core is making a difference in classrooms. He says it is making a difference in how teachers teach and how kids learn. Evers also believes the state needs to support what is being done at the local level in education. He faces John Humphries and Lowell Holtz in the February 21s Primary Election.