Evers Stops in FDL on Final Statewide Tour Before Election Day

Democratic candidate for governor Tony Evers made a stop in Fond du Lac over the weekend as part of his final bus tour around the state ahead of tomorrow’s election. Evers, who serves as the state superintendent, has been critical of how Governor Scott Walker has dealt with public education. 

Evers says the state school system fell behind right after Walker took office and pulled over $800-million dollars from public school funding, “and we haven’t caught up. As a result, we have a million people voting across the state to raise their own taxes – which I know many in the Fond du Lac area have done – raised taxes on themselves because Walker has not provided the funding that the schools need. We can’t sustain that.”

Evers has voiced other criticisms of Walker as well – but tells us he’s not the only person who has worked with Walker that is concerned about his actions. 

He says “the governor, as a few of his former cabinet secretaries have said publicly – this person is unfit to be governor. The main reason is because he’s put his political ambitions ahead of the people of Wisconsin. And that’s exactly what he did and exactly what he continues to do in federal court. But at the same time he turns around and says ‘oh by the way I want to support these protections’ – you can’t have it all ways.”

Walker has expressed his support for insurance covering people with pre-existing conditions – but Evers points out that the governor has joined a federal lawsuit pushing to do away with the Affordable Care Act, including those provisions. 

Among the plethora of issues up for debate in this election, Evers tells us that reinstating science and scientific wording – especially as part of the DNR – shouldn’t be a partisan issue. 

He says “you test things in science and you reach conclusions and scientists spend their entire lives figuring out what’s best for us and when we have conclusions that are absolutely clear, and decide not to accept those conclusions, it is bad. And we all pay for that.”

Polls are open from 7:00am Tuesday morning until 8:00pm Tuesday night. Anyone in line to vote at 8:00pm will be able to cast a ballot.