Evers Talks Primary Election

The Democratic Gubernatorial Primary race is heating up with now less than a month before people head to the polls. State Superintendent Tony Evers is one of the frontrunners, and with some of the highest name recognition in the race, he’s confident in his chances. 

But Evers tells us just over a year ago, he had never even imagined throwing his name in the ring for governor. He said, “No. I had never thought of it, it had never occurred to me – but after I sat back and took stock  after the last time I was elected, I decided that what’s best for kids in the state is also what’s best for our democracy and our economy. I just felt we were going backwards in the state.”

Evers hopes his long track record as an educator, school administrator, and state official speaks for itself when voters look at his qualifications. He says there is “good recognition and every time we have an audit it comes in clean. So
all of those things around experience plays into this race also.”

Evers adds that “most people in the state of Wisconsin
really want us to accomplish things. Whether it’s fixing our roads, whether
it’s making sure our schools are in good shape. Those aren’t Republican values
or Democratic values – those are Wisconsin
values. And that’s why I think we have such a good chance in this race.”

He is one of eight candidates left in the Democratic primary for governor, which is set for August 14th. The winner takes on Governor Scott Walker in November.