Evers to Include Badgercare Expansion in Budget, Vos Calls it a “Non-Starter”

(Wisconsin Radio Network)

Governor Tony Evers is set to include Medicaid expansion,
through the state’s Badgercare program, in the state budget he’ll announce this
week, and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says that’s a “non-starter”. “Yeah, there’s
a one-time savings, but in the long run? There is no possibility whatsoever
that it is going to be good for our economy, its not going to be good for our
system, and its certainly not good for those of us who don’t want socialized
medicine, which is really what this is the first step towards,” Vos said.

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimates that 76,000 more
people would be eligible for Medicaid health care, if the program is fully expanded
in Wisconsin. A study released last week by the conservative Wisconsin
Institute for Law and Liberty claims expansion will eventually cost taxpayers
600 million dollars per year.