Everything Added Up To Save Watertown Mans Life

Making at 911 call, starting CPR and everything else fell into place to save a 48-year-old Watertown man’s life when he suffered a near fatal heart attack on a Fond du Lac construction site in August. Jeff Lorenz and his wife Susan thanked firefighters and paramedics during a press conference last Friday. Assistant Fire Chief Todd Janquart says it was also an opportunity to talk about the importance of all things that helped save Lorenz’s life. He says when the construction foreman began CPR as quick as he did it gave firefighters the time they needed to respond to the scene. Janquart says all things had to fall into place to save Jeff’s life. That included the 911 call, the administering of CPR until firefighters arrived, and the dispatch center that provided instructions and location. Janquart notes it was a difficult challenge, but their personnel overcame and got through. Janquart would like to see a positive outcome on all their calls. After a long recovery Lorenz returns to work this Thursday.