Ewell Trial Continues

Fond du Lac Police Detective Lee Mikulec Tuesday testified in a jury trial about evidence gathered from the scene of Tim Nance’s murder. Thirty-six-year-old Tina Ewell is on trial for allegedly helping her sister Eve Nance dispose of the body of Nance’s husband Tim. Eve Nance has already been convicted and sentenced for Tim Nance’s November 2013 shooting death. His death took place in a shower stall at the Nance’s home. Mikulec testified about new shower curtain liners found in the shower where Tim Nance was shot and killed. The liners were likely replaced because they had his blood on them. Mikulec also identified a photo from the Family Dollar store of Eve Nance and Tina Ewell the night of the murder where Ewell purchased shower curtain liners and hooks. Defense Attorney Dawn Sabel on cross examination asked Mukulec about a roll of plastic found at the home. He said it was fingerprinted and 9 different sets of prints were on it excluding Eve and Tim Nance and Ewell. But it did have other finger prints on it including that of Eve Nance’s daughter.  Plastic was used to wrap Tim Nance’s body in. It was taken to some woods at a dead end in Milwaukee. The trial continues today.