Ewell Trial Going To Jury Today

Closing arguments will be given this morning in the jury trial for a Fond du Lac woman accused of helping her sister dispose of a body. Tina Ewell testified in her own defense Thursday. She was asked about cell phone records indicating calls that were made on November 1st of 2013, the day Eve Nance shot and killed her husband. Some of the calls were between her and Eve Nance and there were others. Ewell is also suspected of going to the Dollar Store that day to pick up shower curtain liners to replace those stained with Tim Nance’s blood when Eve shot him in the Nance’s shower. Ewell said she had a busy day. Deputy District Attorney Dennis Krueger said to her things come up and you have to deal with them, which Ewell agreed with. But Ewell’s lawyer, Dawn Sabel, asked her directly on rebuttal whether that included disposing of Tim Nance’s body. Ewell said no.  The trial will be turned over to the jury for deliberations following closing arguments.