Exposure To Cold A Concern During Festive Weekend

A Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Lieutenant is urging people to have a good time during the Sturgeon Spectacular and sturgeon spearing this weekend, but not too much of a good time if they will be out on the ice. Lieutenant Bill Tadych says one person has already died this year of exposure after having too much to drink while out on Lake Winnebago. He says,”We try to preach education and don’t drink too much. Because just like anything you lose your wits out there because of an intoxicant its even compounded more when you are out in cold conditions and you are not familiar with the area.” Twenty-seven-year-old Lindsey Kilma of Fond du Lac died of exposure on New Year’s Day after leaving a party in a fishing shanty on the Lake. Her body was found near Garden Drive in Fond du Lac. Less than a week later 42-year-old Christopher Freund of Fond du Lac was rescued from Lake Winnebago after he got drunk and got lost when he walked out on the Lake.