Eyes On The Road Not On The Sky During EAA

Although it may be tempting two state troopers advise motorists to keep their eyes on the road and not in the skies when they are traveling on I-41 through Oshkosh this week. With EAA AirVenture going on it may seem natural to scan the horizon instead of the pavement in front of your vehicle. Inspector Scott Hlinak says that may be especially so during the afternoon air shows. He says anytime after 3:30 look for stopped traffic and people with their heads in the clouds literally that may not be paying attention. Sergeant Luke Newman says they have more troopers assigned during EAA to handle traffic. But he says at times they get a pretty good view of the air shows as well. He says at 41 and 44 there is a pretty good spot especially when the night air shows are going on. He says even at Highway 26 you can see it pretty well and particularly when the fireworks are going on. He says the traffic on I-41 will be very busy Friday with traffic also heading north for the weekend and the Blue Angels will be performing at EAA.