Facebook Posting By FDL PD Detectives Wife Being Reviewed

A Facebook posting of a photo of a Fond du Lac Police Detective and his wife is being reviewed by the police department. The photo was posted by Detective Bill Ledger’s wife on her personal account. They were dressed in Halloween costumes. She appeared to be pregnant and sporting a black eye. He was holding up a fist near her face and the text read: “Don’t talk back to the boss!” Although the picture was mocking domestic violence it has offended some. City Council President Lee Ann Lorrigan says it was an error in judgment on Ledger’s part. She says we have all made poor decisions in our life and if Detective Ledger could do a do-over she thinks this is one time he would want to do that.


Ledger told KFIZ News he was satirizing the David Spade movie “Joe Dirt” with his costume. He says he and his wife do not condone domestic violence. He says they thought the photo was “innocent and simple” and if it offended anyone they are sorry for that. Ledger has been with the police department nearly 22 years earning 19 awards and commendations along the way.

The Police Department is not commenting on their review, but Police Chief Bill Lamb did issue a written statement:

“We have been made aware of a social media post involving a member of the Department and concerns that it depicts insensitivity to domestic violence. The Department considers domestic violence to be amongst the most serious problems facing our society and we obviously do not condone anything that minimizes it. The matter is currently under review.  However, in accordance with City and Department Policy, we cannot offer further public comment on this personnel matter at this time.”