Failed Transmission Line Causes Power Outage In Waupun

Residents in Waupun found themselves without electricity Wednesday night. Waupun Utilities Manager Randy Posthuma says about two-thirds of the City was without power after a transmission line owned by American Transmission Company failed. He says a wire carrying 69,000 volts failed and fell to the ground. He says the wire supplies power to all five of their substations throughout the City. He says four of the five substations did not have power. Power was restored to most of the City within 90 minutes. Meanwhile the police and fire departments made sure everyone was safe. Police Chief Dale Heeringa says some officers provided traffic control where stop and go lights were off. Officers also patrolled the community checking on businesses, nursing homes were checked, and Fire Chief B.J. DeMaa checked on the hospital and other locations. Heeringa says the state prisons in the City have their own back up power. American Transmission Company sent a crew to the City Thursday to replace the failed power line.