Fake Deputy Calling People In Winnebago County

Winnebago County Sheriff’s officials are warning residents about a scam. Someone claiming to be Deputy Lance Retner is calling people and telling them to pay money for some type of violation they supposedly committed. Sheriff’s Captain Lara Vendola called the number the phony deputy left on a voicemail. A recorded message identified the number she called as the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department.  The voice told her they would only accept cash via an electronic wire transfer, which Captain Vendola says is a dead giveaway they are not legitimate. Vendola was placed on hold and eventually hung up. A video of the call can be seen at the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Facebook page. Last month there was a similar scam in Fond du Lac County where someone supposedly from the Sheriff’s Department was calling and telling people they had to pay a fine to avoid a warrant being issued for their arrest

The video.