Fake Email from DATCP Making the Rounds

with the Wisconsin Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection are warning
of an email that’s making the rounds, pretending to be from their agency. Frank
Frassetto from the department says the email contains a fake link to a PDF file
in Adobe Cloud, which asks the consumer to open it and respond with the
required details. Frassetto says…don’t do that. He says the email is not from
the department and anything in it is just an attempt to get personal
information from you. Frassetto says that Phishing is the number-one tool that
scammers use to get personal information since they can broadcast out emails at
a rapid rate. He says you can hover your cursor over the email address to find
out if the email is actually from their agency. If it is a real email, the
address will follow the format of “first name” dot “lastname” at wi dot gov, or
sometimes “Wisconsin
will be spelled out in the address.