Families Suffer In Silence As Victims Of Family Member’s Heroin Or Drug Addiction

Dodge County District Attorney Kurt Klomberg (pictured) says a lot of heroin addicts and drug users fly under the radar when it comes to the way they get money for their habits. He says they continue feeding their habits until they commit a serious crime or they overdose or die. He says unfortunately family and friends are often victims of a family drug user. He says families try and deal with the thefts internally and suffer in silence. He says unfortunately people who become drug addicts have no previous family history of problems, but heroin in particular can soon become an expensive habit to keep. He says he’s prosecuted people who have had $500 a day heroin habits. Klomberg says when they can no longer pay for the habit is when they turn to crime. A Heroin Summit was held at the Waupun High School last evening.