Family And Consumer Ed Students Take Field Trip

Fond du Lac High School’s Family and Consumer Education students took a field trip to Park Ridge Organics where they learned how a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm operates. In the greenhouse, Robyn Calvey (left), owner, explained that the high moisture heat stimulates the plants to germinate and sprout more quickly.  Students heard from a food scientist and the role that they play are on the farm. Students also learned about the various opportunities to get involved in farming, or how “Worker Share” provides options that either allows individuals to work on the farm a few hours a week to earn free produce or by paying the farmer in advance to buy the seeds and prepare the earth, in exchange for locally grown, fresh produce every week. The students shown here are Anna Dudzinski, Hannah Wohler, Ben Nichols, Greg Zimmer (hidden – food science teacher), Carisma Anderson, and Johana Cruz.