Fatal Fire Investigation Continues

Waupun’s Fire Chief says the investigation into a fatal fire at an apartment complex on West Brown Street is continuing. The investigation is ongoing and working with the state fire marshal on Friday the fire department was able to determine where the fire started, but not what started it. Fire Chief B.J. Demaa says it started in the living room of the apartment of 54-year-old Todd Conn who was killed in the fire. He says the fire affected 8 apartments in the 24-unit complex and displaced 17 tenants, but the actual dollar and cents estimate of the damage is still being worked out. He says the fire was quickly put out last Thursday night, but they had to make sure it didn’t extend anywhere else in the building. He says that and ventilating the building took another three to four hours. It was Waupun’s first fatal fire since April of 2009 when 49-year-old Wayne Sonkin was found dead in his home. He was using a cooking pot to burn charcoal briquettes.