Father with 3 kids in car hits power pole, had BAC of .168

He was drinking whiskey at a friends house, then
headed to the YMCA to pick up his three kids. He ended up crashing his car into
a power pole, leaving his 3 kids with minor injuries. Nathan Earwood, 40, is
scheduled to make an initial court appearance July 22 on counts of drunk
driving, causing injury to a passenger under age 16, and operating with a
prohibited alcohol concentration causing injury. Charges were filed Wednesday. Earwood’s
blood alcohol level was allegedly more than twice the legal limit when he
crashed into the pole. The crash happened April 2nd.  Earwood told Neenah police he could not stop due to a
problem with the brakes. The results of the blood alcohol test showed a BAC of
.168, more than twice the legal limit of .08, the complaint states. If convicted
of both counts, he faces a minimum of 120 days in jail and up to four years in