FCEDC Employee Becomes Local Data Expert

Jo Ann Giese-Kent, director of entrepreneurship and business intelligence at the Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation (FCEDC), has recently earned a certification in a powerful economic modeling software from EMSI.

Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI), a CareerBuilder company, turns labor market data into useful information that helps organizations understand the connection between economies, people, and work. Using sound economic principles and good data, EMSI builds user-friendly services that help economic development organizations, educational institutions, workforce planners, and others build a better workforce and improve the economic conditions in their regions.

Giese-Kent is the local data expert in EMSI methodology and information regarding labor market information, driver industries, and industry economic impact studies for Fond du Lac County.  With EMSI data, Giese-Kent can help answer broad and specific questions such as:

  • Which occupations in Fond du Lac County will be most affected by the aging workforce?
  • What are the most important occupations for a given industry (staffing patterns)?
  • Which industries drive the Fond du Lac County economy based on size of industry, job change, concentration, wages, and growth compared to the national economy?
  • What industries exist in the supply chain for a core industry?
  • How many jobs are currently dependent on a particular industry? For example, how many jobs in the region would be lost if we were to lose or gain a major employer such as Mercury Marine? (economic impact)

The EMSI software is just one tool in the FCEDC business intelligence toolbox.  The FCEDC business intelligence program uses high-powered database subscriptions, geographic information systems (GIS) and other sources to glean timely and actionable information to help companies within Fond du Lac County make informed, data-driven decisions.  To learn more, please check out the website link at http://www.fcedc.com/impactforbusinessowners.html or call/email Jo Ann Giese-Kent at 920-322-1878 or [email protected].