FDL Advisory Park Board Approves Motion, Will Council Listen?

On paper, it didn’t appear to be a meeting that would be considered out of the ordinary. The City of Fond du Lac Advisory Park Board met late Monday afternoon, and the list of agenda items included updates on the Lakeside Forward Enhancement Agreement, the formation of the Alternate Master Plan Management team, and the feasibility study being put together by Johnson Consulting.

City of FDL Director of Public Works Jordan Skiff, informed the board the agreement was moving forward, and that the management team was in the process of being put in place. Skiff said there will be 5 members from the city and 7 from the Donor/Investor group that make up the team. In regards to the feasibility study, Skiff said the plan is for council to receive the results at the November 11 City Council meeting, with the full report available to the public after that.

Advisory Board Member Shawn McCrary was the first to speak up regarding the study, and the fact the board will not be meeting again until after the study is released to the Council. McCrary was quick to point out that the original discussions had focused on the Advisory Board having the chance to see the study, and then make recommendations to the Council. McCrary then made a motion that the Park Board receive the feasibility study, review it, and then send their recommendations to City Council. The motion passed on a 5-1 vote. Now, it comes down to City Council, and if will they listen to the Advisory Board, or make the final decisions without input from the Board and city residents.