FDL Applies For Grants For Kayak Launching Sites

The Fond du Lac City Council this week approved a resolution allowing the Public Works Department to apply for recreational boating facilities grants to put in canoe and kayak launches at two sites in Lakeside Park. The first would be in Lakeside Park West at the north end of the large parking lot. The launch would go into the Fond du Lac River. The second would be on Harborview Drive and would be handicap compliant. The City is also considering applying for a Stewardship Grant to put in a third launch on the Fond du Lac River, just west of the Dog Park on Satterlee Street. A Leadership Fond du Lac team has worked with the DPW on the launches and hopes to raise funds toward them. Desmond Vincent told the Council Wednesday night 8 million people in the U.S. Kayak up from 3.5 million 10 years ago. He says, “One large obstacle towards for this high growth sport is access to a waterway with a launch. Our project goal is to remove this obstacle and promote new access.” City Councilwoman Lee Ann Lorrigan has been a proponent for the launches. She says she and her husband often launch their kayaks on the River near the Dog Park. She says, “This I think is a big accomplish for our City and I think you’re going to see a lot of kayakers really utilizing the river and who knows what will come out of it so thank you.” Grants would pay for about half of the costs for the two launches in Lakeside Park with the City’s Harbor fund paying the rest. The one near the dog park would be paid for with parks funds and possibly some donations with or without the Stewardship Grant. The total cost for the three launches would be about $80,000.