FDL Area CVB Completes Move To The Downtown

The Fond du Lac Area Convention and Visitors Bureau has completed its move to the former Commonwealth Companies Building in downtown Fond du Lac. They are located on the second floor. CVB President Craig Molitor says the Visitor Center portion of the CVB will be closed during the transition. He says, “The Visitor Center aspect of what we do that public space where folks come in and say I need to learn more about Fond du Lac.  That is closed, that is not accessible and will be closed probably for at least about a month.” The first floor of the building will be occupied by Envision Greater Fond du Lac. Molitor says both organizations are working on behalf of the community. He says, “We’re going to remain separate organizations, but just working closer for the betterment of the community and some of that public space will be dedicated to a Visitor Center.” The CVB’s former office on the frontage road near I-41 will become a Bank of Oakfield branch office.