FDL Area Foundation Announces $1-Million LIVS Fund

The Fond du Lac Area Foundation is announcing a new
one-million dollar fund. The Legacy Investment for a Virtuous Society (LIVS)
Fund was created by Richard and Suzanne Pieper of Milwaukee, and will support future
projects in the areas of Character Education and Servant Leadership. Executive
Director of the Fond du Lac Area Foundation, Joe Braun says Richard Pieper is
the former owner of Pieper Electric of Milwaukee and that he “truly lives the mission
of servant leadership, and has created that kind of legacy in his company and
through his employees.” Braun added, “He wanted to leave a lasting legacy after
he’s gone, so he wants to grow that fund and down the line support those causes
around the state.”

Braun says the fund is a donor-advised fund, which means
money from the fund will be directed by the donor to the causes he cares about.
Braun explains that the Foundation has a four-percent spending policy, so “about
$40,000 a year would be available through this fund, and at such time as they
would choose that they want to start directing it, they choose the
organizations that they want to direct these funds to and we will help them accomplish