FDL Area Women’s Fund Using Power of Social Media to Kick Off Community-Wide Green Dot Training

The Fond du Lac Area Women’s Fund is launching
community-wide “Green Dot” bystander intervention training today and is
encouraging people to use the power of social media to help with the kick-off.
Women’s Fund Executive Director Maria Turner explains how the group is using “National
Selfie Day” to spread the word. “We’re encouraging people to seek out our Project
Table Talk tables – these are these teal tables that have been in the community
now for about two years – they are at 40 different locations throughout Fond du
Lac County and those will have info about Green Dot,” Turner said. “We want you
to check that out, snap a selfie with that, and post it on Facebook, Instagram,
Linkedin, any of the social media outlets.” The tables can be found at
businesses, restaurants, churches and schools in the county and people are
encouraged to use the hashtags “westandupfdl” and “dontstandby” with their


Green Dot training helps teach people how to act in
situations where they see power-based violence in everyday circumstances. Green
Dot draws on the power of peer and cultural influences by using what are called
the “Three Ds” –  Direct, Distract and
Delegate to prevent violence. Learn more about the Women’s Fund and Green Dot training here