FDL Arson Suspect Pleads

The 29-year-old Fond du Lac man who set fire to his foreclosed home last April has pled “no contest” to arson and mistreating animal charges. Colin Habram will be sentenced on December 30th in Fond du Lac County Court. A pre-sentence investigation has been ordered. According to the criminal complaint Habram was depressed, out of work, and hooked on heroin when he set fire to his home at 410 Ellis Street. A cat and dog died in the fire and a tenant wasn’t home. The home was going through foreclosure and Habram had the home and contents, and detached garage insured for over $375,000. Habram admitted to using lighter fluid on a small fire that was already going in an ashtray in a spare bedroom and then started another fire in his own bedroom. Two other charges were read into the record and dismissed.