FDL Baseball Statement

With a lease now expired between the Fond du Lac School District and Fond du Lac Baseball, Inc., Fond du Lac Baseball’s Board of Directors have issued a statement on their next step. They can by right remove personal property from the Woodworth Baseball complex, except buildings, and use it or sell it. Fond du Lac Baseball officials say they will continue to pursue an agreement with the school board. They will also consider selling Youth Baseball Park improvements to the school district or a third party. They will consider selling two newer diamonds on 4th Street that Fond du Lac Baseball owns. They will also consider acquiring land to install the current fixtures at Youth Baseball Park. They say if at all possible they will delay removing personal property that is needed to play baseball until the conclusion of the youth baseball season, but are hoping to have an agreement in place by the spring. The statement uses terms like hostile takeover in describing the district’s taking over Fond du Lac Baseball assets by not renewing the lease.

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