FDL Baseball Would Like One Year Extension To Current Lease Agreement

Officials with Fond du Lac Baseball, Inc. would like to get a one-year extension to their current lease with the Fond du Lac School District to work out a longer lease. The current lease for the fields adjacent to Woodworth Middle School runs out on February 25th. Fond du Lac Baseball President Dr. Tim Twohig says the original lease would allow them to remove any improvements they’ve made to the fields over the past 30 years, but they wouldn’t do that to the kids. He says they just want to sit down and negotiate a lease that everyone can live with. The original lease also gave the group naming rights and they’ve named three fields over the years. Larry Schaefer of Fond du Lac Baseball, Inc. says during their last negotiation in November district officials said those names would be removed from the fields. There’s also been some contention over renaming the Fond du Lac Youth Baseball Park. Twohig says over the years they’ve made over $1 million in improvements to the fields and had planned spending $30,000 on improving drainage and making major improvements to the high school fields. He says that’s not something they can justify if they only get a two year lease with the school district. Schaefer says without Fond du Lac Baseball maintaining the fields the taxpayers will have to pay for it.