FDL BMX Bikers Request Being Allowed To Use Skateboard Park

The Fond du Lac City Council last night decided to refer a request to the City’s Advisory Park Board about opening up use of the Skateboard Park to BMX bikers as well. More than 40 people showed up at the meeting to demonstrate their support. Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says there has been a history of confrontation between the two user groups at the park. The police department will be researching how other City’s have dealt with the issue and whether the two groups can co-exist at one facility. Councilwoman Lee Ann Lorrigan says part of the problem is that the Skateboard Park only allows skateboard use and that has led to confrontations. She says BMX bike enthusiast Ryan Rockweit managed to collect over 500 signatures to show support for their request. Public Works Director Jordan Skiff said there were 530 signatures on the petition and 50 to 60 percent of those signatures were from people listing addresses in the City.