FDL CC Leaning Toward Forming Advisory Board For Downtown Vision

The majority of the Fond du Lac City Council Wednesday night seemed to lean towards forming an Advisory Board for the Downtown Fond du Lac-Vision Team. Discussion focused on the need for one in the wake of the Retlaw Hotel’s closing, the failure of two restaurants at the former Trinity Church, the closing of the Elks Club and Best Buy. That discussion got a little heated when City Council President Lee Ann Lorrigan interrupted Councilman Gary Miller while he was still making a point about a Downtown Development Plan that was issued in February of 2010. City Manager Joe Moore pointed out the plan had been used by downtown officials to some extent, but it’s been nearly six years since it was issued. Councilman Greg Giles felt the City couldn’t afford to take a cautious approach to change. Councilwoman Catherine Block says big events like Fondue Fest are fine, but businesses want something that will increase foot traffic every day. The Council will consider forming a board similar to what they did with the Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee and discuss it further at their first meeting in January.   

In the photo City Council President Lee Ann Lorrigan and Councilman Gary Miller before the meeting.