FDL Chief Of Police Reminds St. Pat’s Party People To Be Smart This Weekend

It was almost exactly a year ago that Fond du Lac and surrounding areas celebrated the St. Pat’s Day weekend, and then life pretty much shut down. Now, with a St. Patrick’s Day Parade set to go off in downtown Fond du Lac today, and bars and restaurants getting ready to welcome larger than normal crowds, Fond du Lac Chief of Police Bill Lamb reminds party participants to be smart.

Chief Lamb told KFIZ News Friday that favorable weather and the fact that cabin fever and extreme fatigue with the pandemic could bring out a few more people this weekend. Lamb said they expect near normal, if not higher, numbers of people out and celebrating St. Patty’s day this year and says they will have extra staff on duty to help with certain parts of the day but  otherwise it will be business as usual. Chief Lamb also said officers will have an extra watchful eye in/around the areas where there are larger crowds – just as they would with other holiday gatherings, festivals, sporting events, and the like.

Chief Lamb reminds people to be smart when they’re out celebrating – especially when it comes to having a designated driver, or taking a cab or uber.