FDL City Attorney Looks To Have More Control Over Ethics Board

The role of the Fond du Lac City Attorney, as it relates to the City Ethics Board, could be changing.

The Board is set to meet Friday (11/5/2021) and will be looking at changes proposed by City Attorney Deb Hoffmann.

Up until now, Hoffmann has been a liason to the Ethics Board, offering input where needed. But in online documents released ahead of the meeting Friday, Hoffmann is proposing a number of changes that, in her words, “Adds language to strengthen the purpose of the Ethics Code and adopts the current State of Wisconsin Ethics Code by reference to Section 19.59, Wis. Stats. Adds Definitions for various terms used in the ordinance and clarifies which sections apply to which definitions. Clarifies who may request and how advisory ethics opinions can be obtained from the Ethics Board.”

Hoffmann is also proposing that her office will review each complaint to “determine whether it states a violation within the jurisdiction of the Board” and that the complaint(s) satisfies certain criteria for a proper complaint.

The City Attorney would then make the decision on whether to accept or void the complaint before it ever reaches the Ethics Board.

The Board is set to meet Friday at 8:00 a.m.