FDL City Attorney Says No Conflict Of Interest Following Complaint

An ethics complaint filed in FDL County Clerk of Courts on Thursday, claims that newly-elected councilmember Patrick Mullen received a “direct, pecuniary benefit from having his legal expenses paid for by the Friends of Lakeside Park in a lawsuit regarding Lakeside Park Development.”

Fond du Lac City Attorney Deborah Hoffmann had issued an opinion on the matter, and shared that with KFIZ News on Thursday.

According to Hoffmann, “while councilmember Mullen may have had divided loyalties, it does not appear that he has used or is using his position to obtain a substantial benefit for an organization he is associated with.”

Hoffmann closes the opinion by stating “there does not appear to be any conflict of interest.”

You can read the bulk of the opinion handed down by Attorney Hoffmann here: