FDL City Attorney To Present New Social Media And Archive Policy

The Lakeside Park Alternative Master Plan has consumed a great deal of time over the past 18 months, both in conversations publicly as well as on social media. And it hasn’t always been a a civil discussion online either.

Over the past few months, postings from individuals who claim to be associated with one particular side of the project or the other have turned very personal, and very ugly. And even current council members have dipped their toe into the conversation on occasion. Tonight, Fond du Lac City Council will have a chance to weigh in a proposed Social Media and Archive Policy presented by City Attorney Deb Hoffmann.

In a memo sent to City Manager Joe Moore and City Council, Hoffmann says the City has contracted with ArchiveSocial, a software service that captures social media posts and comments and then allows them to be retrieved via a search program. The City will host each public official’s Facebook Page on the City’s website, and then provide the council member’ with access to post and respond to comments. Hoffmann says there will also be guidelines for using the Facebook page. This is a pilot program, and is intended to be implemented immediately following the upcoming election.