FDL City Clerk Receives Nearly 1,000 E-mails

Fond du Lac City Council voted 4-3 to terminate the existing Lakeside Park Enhancement agreement that was signed with Lakeside Forward last fall.

“Friends of Lakeside Park” is the group opposed to mainly the location of the proposed multipurpose building that originally would have been located on Lighthouse Peninsula. The group was formed as a result of what they say was an ongoing lack of input from city residents.

Based on numbers we received from City Clerk Maggie Hefter, the group might be in the minority. Hefter tells KFIZ News she received almost  1000 emails since Friday. 360 of the emails were in support of terminating the agreement, while 766 emails were opposed to canceling the agreement.  

Council and city residents will now wait and see what the next course of action will be from the donor group. It is expected that the group will file a breach of contract lawsuit with the city.